With the increasing popularity of Business on the net and the need for on-the-go services, most companies are realizing the demand for translating their services on the Mobile platform. This not only ensures the efficacy of your business but provides an opportunity to acquire and reach your end customer in the easiest and most cost effective way possible. End-Users have the obvious advantage of fulfilling their basic service needs over a mobile device.

Mimo™ is a product Plug-in by Mann Technologies that has the capability to rapidly build and fortify a bridge between Businesses and consumers of their services.

Mimo™ allows mobile enablement in the most rapid manner thus delivering a ‘best in breed’ ROI proposition. Mimo™ also allows for a business mimic model herein the platform automatically changes the mobile “Face” of a business to match changes to the underlying business implementation. This additionally delivers the twin advantages of minimized maintenance/deployment costs and unmatched time to market.

Mimo™ is a single platform with multiple flavors that scales in line with business needs. Mimo™ is a one stop mobile enablement solution for every Industry.

Mimo™ Technologies