ERP Retail

ERP Retail Application, Retail Maestro

An Overview: The Customer

The customer is a Panama City-based retail giant, dealing in electronics, electronic appliances and equipments, like LCD televisions, tape recorders, digital cameras etc. The architecture of the firm is that it has one main location from where all the main functionalities are processed and at the same time it has many outlets which are responsible for the sale of the products as well as their maintenance/repair in their particular locations.

Key Challenges
  • The client was looking for an automation of all the departments like Store, Purchase, Accounts, and Personnel etc along with the decision support system to enhance the overall efficiency.
  • Upgrade and integrate legacy applications (POS, warehouse management and order management and fulfillment) with newer technologies
  • Automation of data on customer behavior for loyalty programs
  • Experienced based differentiation that collects data from the storefront as well as the internet to create customized buying experiences
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) as a solution for crossing application boundaries
  • Centralized organization of data with decentralized distribution of data to the point-of-sale
  • Support '360 degree' views of customers and their buying behavior, across physical and cyberspace locations
  • Tracking of all the information and alerts in case of shortage or slippages at any level.
  • Continuous data replication among the main locations and the outlets for instant reporting to the concerned person or department.
  • Security was also a prime concern for the client. The connectivity among various outlets was also required for online transfer and updates.
The Solution

Mann Technologies proposed intranet/internet based Retail Maestro a Mann Technologies product to automate all the departments the functionality of the firm. In Retail Maestro there will not be a change in the approach of existing workflow. As for the connectivity among the main house and the outlets we proposed that to prepare a system which will be connected through intranet/internet and to make the system faster we used the concept of XML on every location to view the data of other locations. For the security we used the concept of authentication server in order to restrict outside user and manipulation with the database at any level. Data transfer takes place in the encrypted form. To cut down the cost of implementation we used database Mackoi/Postgres which is free of cost. System is platform independent and functions smoothly on any platform. Retail Maestro is completely web-based retail application which is highly scalable and is designed in such a manner that any enhancements can be seamlessly integrated to the existing system. Our flexible solution facilitates decision-making across the enterprise. Retail Maestro is a product equipped to manage:

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Banks
  • Repair Management
  • Accounting system to manage and take care of enterprise level accounting


Feature Description
100% web based application. Power to control your business from anywhere in the world
Dynamic Business Rules Engine. Shape the application to suit your business
Dynamic Fields. Introduce new fields that define your business without changing the application
Rich Application Interface. A web based application that has the power of a desktop application.
Dynamic Report Generator. Allows to create own reports and save the report for later use.
Business Intelligence. Analyze your business in drill down fashion.
Database Independent. Application can be deployed on any database of choice Oracle/MS SQL Server, My SQL, Postgres SQL, etc.

Business Benefit
Functional Benefits
  • More visibility leading to increased usage of client's IT capabilities by employees, suppliers, buyers, etc.
  • Increased responsiveness (agility) and efficiency
  • Faster deployment of products and services
  • Improved customer, dealer, supplier, and partner experience
  • More efficient maintenance.
  • Centralized usage of application across multiple countries/ language and currencies.
  • Increased usage of interface with external data source and devices.
  • Easy access, files transfer, email and provide good task management.
  • Administrator analysis on customer/ sales-personĀ / contact and supplier activities.
  • Centrally hosted and maintained thereby reducing maintenance cost.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs.
  • From security, accounting, sales and distribution along with the cost-effective solution, our application provides effective management.
Architectural Benefits
  • Extremely flexible,
  • Platform independent interface,
  • Independent of the base application used.
Technology Benefits
  • The benefits of using J2EE technology;
  • Strong separation of concern
  • Easier maintenance & loose coupling.
Other Benefits
  • Cheap operational costs.
  • Unrestricted market coverage.
  • Global Access & Security.
  • Huge Savings on customer service & Scalability.