Billing Solution

Telecom Billing Solution

An Overview: The Customer

The customer is the most innovative telecommunications company in the LATAM region, providing mobile phone services, basic service and wireless, with a unique range of the latest equipment and value-added services they provide to their users much more than communication. Currently the operator is established as the first GSM network in the country, a pioneer in innovative and advanced services. The customer growth has been steady and rapid, is now counting more than six million customers. Since its inception the Company has traced, with innovative proposals that range from the establishment of a billing system in seconds, the launch of text messaging service which then evolved into multimedia messaging, the incorporation of the Mobile Office service and loyalty program the company Club to the development of 3rd generation technology.

Key Challenges

The telecommunications major faced two major challenges. The scheduler to be used was not decided upon and timelines for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) were very crucial for their business processes at that time. It was then that Mann Technologies decided that the customer already has a scheduler which would be used. It took time to convince the customer about the advantages of Ant, build tool, but as it is not a part of their standards, Mann Technologies had to change a few code and come up with shell scripts. Project delivery on time was major concern as the information exchange was taking time and could hamper delivery schedules in turn.

The Solution:

The data from the Arbor database is pulled into the Customer enquiry database as per CAP rating which happens 3 times a day. A scheduler initiates these tasks as per the CAP rating. The data is pulled into Corte based on the business conditions using SQL queries.

The Web Services provide a layer on this data with which this data can be extracted as per business needs. Currently there are 5 web services, Customer Details, NRC Details, Plan Details, Product Details and Usage Details. These Web Services fetch the data from the Customer enquiry database.

Below is the architecture diagram of the solution:


Business Benefit:
  • Functionality to calculate the unbilled amounts for the customers
  • Integration with Kenan FX (core billing system) to get the current billing status of the customers.
  • Web-based access for the users and employees to access the system from anywhere in the world.
  • Increase Transparency among customers and telecom service providers.
  • Functionality for the users to check their bills at anytime from anywhere.
  • Flexible architecture providing the ability to distribute applications and database in a distributed or centralized manner based on further requirements
  • Scalable architecture capable to scale up with increasing users and geography