Banking GCS

Mobile payment platform, GCS

An Overview: The Customer

The Customer is a newly formed company which aimed to provide mobile payments services to the user on a country-wide basis.

The company will offer its customers the possibility of using their mobile phones as a payment instrument for four principal types of payment and transfer transactions: Mobile Purchases, Bill Payments, Phone Top-ups, and Person-to-Person transfers:

Key Challenges
  • Mobile Purchases: Merchant acquiring networks, such as CardNET, maintain commercial relationships and technical inter-connectivity with tens of thousands of retail merchants.
  • Bill Payments: By establishing secure connections with large and important billing institutions, the company extends their existing payment acceptance channels and serves the function of a payment collector on their behalf. In turn, the company's customers are given the opportunity to make payments against their (or others') accounts directly through their mobile phones.
  • Prepaid Phone Top-Ups: All prepaid mobile phones require airtime credit recharge in order to continue to function. By establishing secure connections with its partner telephone companies, the company enables customers to top-up their (or others') airtime credit directly through their mobile phones, while at the same time reducing the companies' cost of distributing that credit to their customers.
  • Person-to-Person Fund Transfers: Customers of the company will be able to use their mobile phones to transfer funds to other individuals, and between/among their own accounts. Transfers can be made to any recipient who
    1. is a customer of the company, or
    2. has a Checking or Savings account residing in any of company's partner banks.

Mann Technologies was the single Consulting and IT partner to the company.

Key Challenges
  • To build Common Core Application Platform for all associated partners in the GCS payment gateway network.
  • Make Core Application flexible enough to adjust future enhancement and modification required in the network.
  • All Partners are plug and Play kind interfaces, so Application should support these features.
  • Complete Configuration for Administrator for such mobile payment application is a challenge.
  • To provide a very robust, dynamic, scalable and best in performance application with the presence of many Financials partners is a challenge.
  • To provide all legal financials features and functionalities is a challenge.
  • To provide a very vast Dispute and Claims system along with core Application to manage customer inquiry and claims is a challenge. The Solution This complex project was conducted to significantly enhance and improve the technical and functional coverage of the electronic payments system at the Bank
  • Distributed, multi-threaded and modular applications were provided.
  • USSD gateway and J2ME Solution provided for Mobile Interface.
  • ISO 8583 gateway transactions for POS transaction
  • Service oriented and distributed applications were delivered to leverage existing and future hardware resources and achieve lower TCO.
  • It is important to implement Service Oriented architecture to dramatically reduce future integration needs.
  • All New satellite application and reporting applications were developed using portlet frameworks.
  • A flexible architecture with ability to distribute applications and/or database to multiple servers.
  • Automatic fault tolerance at application and data level to ensure 24 hour * 7 days a week access and no data loss.
  • N-tier architecture using LINUX*/ UNIX*/ windows servers and browser-based client interfaces.
  • Utilization of shared LAN/WAN with ability to firewall backend servers.
  • Production access to staging environment for user pilot trials and training.
  • Completely Service-Oriented architecture (SOA) with the possibility of seamless addition of multiple types of clients such as Web front ends, mobile devices etc.
  • Application Deployment Architecture in Production Environment supports High availability and performance.
Business Benefits
  • A full fledged solution was delivered to capitalize on the progression of payments by bringing together banks, telephone companies, card acquirers, and billing institutions in a common platform to enable mobile payments for end users.
  • Common platform leverage economies of scale, lower distributed costs and provide a common standard for transactions, in effect creating a win-win scenario for all its individual and institutional participants
  • The services effectively bridge the gap between people and financial services by providing a wide array of mobile payment solutions that are affordable, available to both banked and under banked populations
  • Accessible by individuals anywhere they have a cellular signal.
  • The solution is more vendor and platform independent to conserve options and reduce future expense.
  • A variety of processing and related services in support of mobile payments funded from bank accounts as well as credit, debit, and prepaid cards
  • Prepaid network branded cards to facilitate purchases wherever Visa/MasterCard brands are accepted; fund mobile payments; and receive payroll loads from employers, remittances, and government transfers.
  • SOA ensured that maintenance costs and risks are reduced significantly.
  • Include SWIFT message capabilities within in electronic payments processing.
  • Add local interbank transactions (ACH Network).
  • Include availability in electronic payments online for credit card payments of the Bank, so that the balances are updated real time
  • Minimize response times of system processes, increasing efficiency in the transfer, file distribution and posting.
  • Multi-currency capabilities to the platform