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Established in May 2000, Mann Technologies is a leading software development company which with the advent of technology, has evolved as a mature and fast growing company committed to provide reliable and cost-effective software solutions across industries all over the World.
Mann Technologies has its own experienced team of software developers dedicated towards developing various kinds of customized software. Our main aim is to provide our clients with best solution and utility.
We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships with our clients; our customer focused project management skills and our delivery and quality processes. We provide innovation, accomplishment, trust and long-term relationship through our service portfolio and proficiency to our customers.
We are among the fastest growing IT and R&D services company. Our growth has been powered by our consultative approach

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Technology Consultancy

At Mann Technologies, we understand that business goals and technology are inseparable.

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Business Analytics & Intelligence

Big Data is a megatrend impacting every facet of business decision making.

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Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is at the core of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed

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Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration is an integration framework composed of a collection

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Crypto Currency & BlockChain Implementation

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed

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Software Factory

Software Factory is specialized form of Business Process Outsourcing.

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IT Modernization

IT Modernization can significantly reduce costs through the implementation of more efficient

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Micro Finance

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Banking and Finance

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Why choose us?

  • First company to provide mobile payments over USSD in the Americas.
  • First to achieve half million mobile payments in LATAM
  • Preferred IT provider for Venezuela’s Central Electricity board
  • Preferred IT provider for world’s largest Oil & Natural Gas company PDVSA
  • 90% of our customers are based out of LATAM
  • Diversified experience in various sectors especially in Mining, Oil & Gas, Banking and Retail
  • We understand the DNA of technologies we work on and have sound testimonials from our customers in the region
  • We are in existence since 2000, hence we are like just another local IT company- No Language Barrier
  • We understand that different potential customers have different needs and appetites in terms of the mix of CAPEX and OPEX exposure that they wish to incur. Therefore we offer two different models that cover the requirements of most customers:
    1. License based Model – Perpetual licenses
    2. Hosted Model
    3. Leased Model

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