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Mann Technologies established itself with an aim to achieve excellence in every sphere of our operation. Ayan which means Excellence constitutes to our value system. Ayan forms our Code of Conduct, our Corporate Culture and shapes the working experience in Mann Technologies to be a unique one. Ayan helps our leaders to achieve the challenging goal of common prosperity.

Mann Technologies recognizes that its business is about people, our basic function as a company is to create 'value' for our customers and the people that work with us. We also recognize that we can only deliver value to customers when we abide by certain values within our organization. Our years of experience in this industry have allowed us to coalesce our experience into a code of values which we feel shall ensure a high 'Happiness quotient' for our employees and thus maximize the value we create for our customers.

Our Value System-AYAN

  • Our value book is called "AYAN" which means excellence. It signifies our utmost endeavor to strive for excellence in every sphere of our work.
  • AYAN begins with the creation of competitive teams which will work in the right spirit and environment.
  • Our work ethos ensures a healthy work climate by ensuring total respect to each, leisure time, space and ideas, also by a constant motivation initiated by our leaders and a system that maintains 'meritocracy' in its DNA.
  • AYAN aims at ensuring that leaders lead from the front and strive for excellence by setting an example in every sphere for their teams to follow.
  • AYAN ensures that our leaders are experts in all aspects of work and demonstrate highly professional performance in communications with clients.
  • Our leaders are expected to be competent in setting up a realistic budget covering emergencies and contingencies, fair rewards for our employees and investment in technologies of the future.
  • Another crucial leadership quality is to have a constant endeavor to keep up with changes and to easily and quickly adapt to them.